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Biodegradable Latex Balloons

Balloons le Grá is dedicated to offering environmentally conscious choices for your balloon requirements, and our biodegradable latex balloons are no exception. Our premium-quality natural latex is responsibly sourced from Rain Forest Alliance Certified and Forest Stewardship Council Plantations, ensuring sustainability. The latex is extracted without harming the tree, enabling it to produce latex for more than three decades. As these balloons decompose at a rate comparable to an oak leaf, they can be conveniently disposed of in landfills, making them self-sufficient.

Recyclable Bubble Balloons

At Balloons le Grá, we prioritize responsible helium usage by using grade 4 helium, which is the least pure form available on the market. Even though grades 6 and above are considered the purest forms and are used in medical applications, we recognize that unrefined balloon-gas, which contains about 2% of other gases, is not suitable for scientific purposes. As a part of our commitment to eco-friendliness, we opt for the lowest possible grade of helium, knowing that only 5% of helium is used in the party industry for balloons.

Foil Balloons

We’re dedicated to sustainability at Balloons le Grá, and that’s why we offer a return-to-recycle program for our foil balloons. As a member of a specialized program for foil balloon recycling, we can provide our customers with access to a revolutionary recycling program that features a Zero Waste Box. All you have to do is send us your used foil balloons, and we’ll take care of the rest. TerraCycle, our partner in this program, will sort the contents of the box and convert them into raw materials that can be reused, eliminating the need for landfills and incineration.

Our Ribbon

We’re proud to offer sustainable options for our ribbon collection. Our satin and grosgrain ribbons are crafted from 100% recycled Rpet yarn, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. We gather these bottles from recycling points throughout Europe and mechanically transform them into flakes, which are then melted, processed, and spun into polyester filaments. These filaments are combined to create a 100% recycled yarn. Our white plastic reels are also made from recycled plastic and can be recycled themselves. Additionally, the cellophane that protects our ribbons is compostable, further reducing waste in our production process.

Our Stance

At Balloons le Grá, we prioritize being responsible and environmentally conscious. We firmly believe that balloon releases should not be conducted due to the immense harm they cause to the environment. Instead, we encourage our customers to “pin it and bin it” when they are finished with their balloons to prevent environmental damage. Despite their ability to decorate a space, balloons have a relatively small volume and thousands of them will not even fill one bin bag, making them an eco-friendly choice for your celebrations.
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